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YARD Type Parser

Here is an experimental version of a parser that converts YARD's formal type syntax into plain old English. This is a good way to test if your type declaration means what you think it does:

You can find the code on Github at

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The syntax used in the examples below is not official YARD type syntax. This is actually just one syntax being looked at as a possible standard. You can give feedback on the syntax in the #yard IRC channel.

A bunch of regular types and a constant:
Fixnum, Foo, Object, true
A duck-typed Object
An array of various objects
Array<String, Symbol, #read>
A collection type other than an Array
An fixed-size array of specific objects
Array(String, Symbol)
A Hash with one key type and a few value types
Hash{String => Symbol, Number}
A complex example showing a possibility of many different types
Array<Foo, Bar>, List(String, Symbol, #to_s), {Foo, Bar => Symbol, Number}
Finally, some shorthands for collections and hashes
<String, Symbol>, (String, Symbol), {Key=>Value}